The Marvel Cinematic Universe always made a new impact on audience with a new movie from their Franchise. To be precise, we are here present at the phase 3 of the MCU (marvel cinematic universe).Very soon the phase 3 would be completed by the upcoming Avengers movie which is a fourth installment in series. The title of the movie is released as The Avengers Endgame.

Earlier in 2018, The third installment of Avengers movie i.e Avengers Infinity War was released and right after a gap of 1 year , Avengers Endgame the continued part of Infinity War is being released.

As, Marvel Studios start making the Hype of it’s every movie by showcasing the Teasers , Special looks, TV spots etc. Similarly, the first trailer for the Avengers Endgame was released by the Directors of the Movie , The Russo Brothers in the early December of 2018. Here’s the poster for the same.

Avengers endgame trailer 2

Now, recently the Second trailer for the Avengers Endgame was released. So let’s jump into the trailer and the breakdown waiting below.

Here’s the trailer:

credits : Marvel Entertainment

So, the trailer literally can give a chill to anyone. What do you think , do mention in the comments.

Now coming to the breakdown, it has been arranged in the orderly manner the scenes in the trailers are, here we go:

1. Mashup of Flashbacks

The beginning of the trailer just kicks with some of the old memories of the three important Avengers , i.e Iron Man , Captain America and Thor.

The Russos(directors) were generally indicating that these have been there part of the journeys all through there life, and we can guess that one of them may be never returning or anything like that.

The first flashblack starts over with Past Tony stark with his first cavemade Iron suit and how he end up destroying and being freed from the terrorist.

The second comes of past Steve Rogers who was once looking at the soldiers uniform , to be one of them.

Then finally , comes Thor and a majestic view of Asgard with his Father Odin confronting him.

Interesting fact : We can hear Peggy’s voice in the background during the flashbacks , pointing out about the time that has gone.

2. Hawkeye’s Return

As we are aware that Hawkeye aka Clint Barton was missing in Avengers Infinity War as he was House arrest after Civil War and we had the glimpse of the time when he spent time with his family.

It is seen that Hawkeye is with her daughter giving her some archery lessons and behind we can see her wife at the table.

Hawkeye being Ronin :

In the Avengers Endgame Trailer 2 we saw the Ronin form of Hawkeye, this decision of turning Ronin could be having the reason that he lost his family in the Snap caused by Thanos.

The current image shows him in Tokyo where he’s present doing his Ronin work. Natasha Romanoff founds him there and is sharing a emotional state depicting the loss caused.

Hawkeye in Unknown Location, this scene shows Hawkeye running towards the spaceship like thing. The next scene shows him being blowned up by a blast in the unkown location.

3. Antman’s Homecoming from Quantum world

Antman’s journey in the MCU has been the most dramatic and coincidental, talking from being Antman to getting lost in the quantum world, it has been truly astonishing journey.

In the post credits of the Antman and The wasp, The Pym family gets vanished by Thanos’s snap by leaving Antman in the quantum world itself.

Surprisingly in Avengers Endgame Trailer, Antman is back in the real world having a confused state due to the missing poster he sees.

In the next shot of Antman, he’s suited up and in a state of thinking , might be some destruction ahead or something like that.

You may missed : In the above image you may see something being blasting or some energy radiated behind Antman. Probably , could be the destruction He’s getting ready for.

The next shot shows Antman in his tiny form jumping over obstacles ( pencil, headphone jack etc) which are the part of some war/destruction going in the scene.

The scene goes showing Antman using the pencil to drag himself to another place by avoiding the headphone jack.

4. Rocket and Warmachine’s Team up

The team up which is displayed in this scene of Rocket Raccoon and Rhodes War machine is one of the speculated wait for the Avengers Endgame movie.

Rocket who is known for his mix and match , combinations of lethal weapons will be teaming up with James Rhodes War machine would be just humourous and dramatic.

We can see the upgrade on Rhodes suit, with a more rebellious look and powerful simultaneously.

Interesting fact : The costume which Rocket is wearing is similar to his character’s costume in the real Marvel comics but having a sight pale shade compared to it.

5. Strong Phases in Avengers Endgame Trailer 2.

The trailer clip showed many of the adrenaline rush scenes , but the best ones should be featured with the breakdown.

Thor’s Beast Mode.

Thor has been considered as one of the strongest avenger of all time and in Infinity War we got to see a historic entry of Thor in Wakanda destroying with his so called beast mode that is his attack with a maximum intensity.

There’s a hint in the scene showing that Thor’s ready again to hit someone’s life at once.

Nebula’s aggression

Nebula , showed one of the wicked character but helpful in real has also lost Gamora her sister in contribution towards getting Thanos his soul stone in Vormir.

This scene showing a aggressive, restless and a revengeful Nebula fighting someone unknown gives a resemblance that Nebula isn’t got any chill!

Black Widow’s Reload

Natasha Romanoff have been drastically faced the incidents of Infinity war and similar to other avengers also in her full revengeful attitude gives 2-3 continuous bullet shots in a throttled manner.

After the bullet shots , since the bullets get finished the Remarkable Reload by Black widow is worth watching in slow motion.

Cap’s shield is back

Cap’s shield was surrendered by himself to Tony Stark in Civil War. After that Cap’s had been seen fighting with the Wakandan Shield given by T’Challa in Infinity War.

Now in the Avengers Endgame Trailer 2 , it is confirmed that he’ll be getting his shield back. But , the thing to be noticed in this scene is Rogers (cap) is aggressively tightening his strap of his shield. It means there’s a enormous and a serious war scene to be expected in the movie.

6. Whatever it Takes!

The Avengers have a huge burden on themselves this time, since they couldn’t save the perished ones. They are full of anguish, full of sorrow, and full of revenge simultaneously.

Then in the middle of the trailer we come to a full sledged dialogue sequence where captain America replies to the commitment, that they’ll try , “Whatever it takes”.

The meaning of the phrase is depicting that they can do whatsoever and whatever they can and they don’t bother what it takes i.e they can give there anything to do so.

The same can be heard from Hawkeye, Black widow and finally Iron Man in his distressed situation. “Whatever it Takes!”

7. Quantum Suits (Advanced Tech Suits)

Before the trailer 2 was launched there were some toy leaks specifying the Advanced Tech suits that is none other than the Quantum suits. Even the trailer 1 of Avengers Endgame didn’t possibly specify the Quantum suits.

Russos putting the quantum suits sequence in the Trailer confirms that there is a involvement of time travelling through the Quantum World which had an origin from the Antman and the Wasp movie.

Definitely it is Antman who is shown having a anonymous comeback in the movie and possibly explaining what the Quantum World can do i.e Time travel and it would be the only solution that Avengers end up with.

We can see the Quantum suits with white , red shades and having a Avengers logo on it. In this sequence we see Captain America , then Antman, Hawkeye , War machine with his same outfit but with a quantum upgrade.

Finally coming to the closing scene of this sequence , seeing black widow is normal but here we surprisingly see Nebula and Tony stark with the Quantum suits that confirms the comeback of Tony stark on earth. Since, it was revealed in TV spots the comeback of Tony stark but here they are also indulged in the Quantum world mission.

Interesting fact: In the TV spots it was confirmed that Thor and Rocket also join in this Quantum suits , but unfortunately due to camera angles we can’t see them in this trailer. But the missing one’s are Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner.

8. Thor meets Captain Marvel

In the post credits of Captain Marvel , we see that Carol Danvers (captain marvel) is back to the earth due to the invoke signal of Nick Fury, but she fails to meet him as he’s already vanished.

We see Carol Danvers in the Avengers headquarters confronting with other avengers and then suddenly we see Thor getting approached towards Captain Marvel.

In the next shot we can see Thor summoning his Stormbreaker same way as he used to summon his mjolnir. Now, here doing this could possibly means that Thor is trying to confirm that is Captain marvel really here to help them out or it is again some alien culprit with strange intentions.

The stormbreaker rushes to Thor and boom! Captain marvel is standing straight although the stormbreaker just passed of her Ear giving a shot breeze to her hair. To which she seemingly smiles back at Thor and he replies , ” I like this one”.

You may missed :

In this scene we can see Black Widow’s hair colour is still the one we saw in Infinity war which is a confirmed lineup of the Infinity war, Captain marvel. Also, if you see closely you get to see Rhodes on the extreme right of the image. Basically, this scene is a resemblance of the discussion sequence shown in one of a TV spot.

So this was all for the breakdown, if you’ve got any extra detail about the trailer or some of fan theories then it will be worth sharing with us.

The Avengers Endgame is gonna release on 26th April which is very close. So, it’s a humble request from us and also Marvel that do not spoil the movie by giving spoilers and enjoy the very important and awaited movie in Theatres releasing in 3D, IMAX 3D and 4DX.

Last but not the least,  with this trailer the  Directors of the movie Russo Brothers also released a official poster of the movie.

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